Understanding Unconditional Love

From the many emails I receive, I get asked most about love.  "How do I find my true love,"  "Why is it so hard to love," "How to I get to that love vibration" and more. There are so many types of love and we are conditioned to make love conditional. I will love my partner if they do this or that. I will love my job if I get a raise. I will love my body if I lose 10 pounds and so on. 

But love for us does not start out as having conditions attached to it. Unconditional love begins when you come exit the womb, seeing the world a new. Have you ever looked into the eyes of an infant> They are filled with unconditional love. That's what we come here with only unconditional love. Unfortunately as we age we are conditional. I think it's sad, but based on our experiences, that is what happens.

It is when you learn how to love everything "unconditionally" once again, that you understand what true love is. It starts with loving yourself. You start to glow with a newness, just like when you were born, you eyes and skin become brighter and you people comment that you even look younger. You certainly feel younger and more vibrant than you have in years.

Equally important every situation and person you encounter becomes an opportunity to let your love shine. Even circumstances that at first may not seem pleasant are turned around when you stay in that vibrational frequency I call "Being Love."  In this state, you're in a continual state of unconditional love. 

I had the opportunity to share my love in the form of gourmet chocolate with some gracious airport staff this evening They work so hard and have to deal with so many personalities that I wanted to show them my appreciation. I relish the times when I get to share love with others and encourage you all to do the same through an expression of unconditional love without expectation. You may just make someone's month.

I so enjoy speaking about this topic as I guide people back to the path for moving forward,

Wishing you  delicious rest of your day,

LeeZa Donatella

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