Through the Looking Glass

When I took time to look back at the person I was from the time I started writing my blog back in 2012 to today it reminded me how much I've grown. 

When we dare to look in the mirror and see ourselves, we see things that we like, but mostly we see things that we can either continue to sweep under the carpet or face head on.  

In general, I think that most of us do not take the time to look within, but distract ourselves in everyday tasks or substances so we do not have to face them. If we try we discover that with that first step forward, a wonderful world emerges; one where we find our true selves as we change or discard the things that no longer resonate.

I am not saying that this is easy, because it takes moving into uncomfortable or unfamiliar territory. Many define themselves by what they do, what they drive, where they live and what they own. Today I define myself by who I help and "being love."

Take the time to explore yourself and work on finding more of the loving being that you are. You will be thrilled with the outcome as you finally rid yourself of what no longer serves you and can honestly say "I Love You" to you!

Wishing you a day filled with love,


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