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I receive comments and emails at times asking why my writing can at times be diverse. For the most part I live in a world that is incredible as my rose colored glasses show me what I'm creating as I keep my vibration love centered, but for most people, they haven't quite gotten there yet.  

Of course I'm an international inspirational speaker and published author, with several books to my credit.

Most of my blog articles speak about love, forgiveness, release and information to help us move forward as they discuss how delicious life can be when you follow your passion and leave behind what weighs us down. 

Even the articles associated with the less than pleasant always suggest readers take a higher road when dealing with those situations.  

And of course, some have been known to spew about certain “gasms” in life, like kissing (The Art of Kissing), smudging (When and How to Smudge), or that crispy pork sensation, bacon (For the Love of Bacon); as well as other ways to give our taste buds meaning, like chocolate (Is it Really Better than Sex).

Here's wishing you a day filled with one of life’s little gasms,

LeeZa Donatella
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