Thoughts about Time

It's Friday and another week has passed. Do you ever notice how quickly some weeks pass while others seem to endlessly drag on?  Have you ever asked yourself why during certain experiences time seems to move faster or slower? Let me give ask you a couple of questions to demonstrate the point.

Have you ever had an experience that you enjoyed so much that you lost track of time? Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation where it seemed that everything moved in slow motion?  You find yourself internally saying, wow, where did the time go or I remember every detail of that situation!
On the contrasting side, have you ever not enjoyed something, for example a mandatory class in a subject you disliked or a work event that you attended that did not interest you?  You feel obligated to stay and your mind tends to think about this or that, past and future perhaps filled with contrasting emotions, to do lists, etc. and the class or event feels as if it will never end as you look down at your watch only to discover that it is a mere minute later then the last time you looked?  And when it was finally over you thought it would never end?

One of my favorite quotes comes from Albert Einstein: “When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it's longer than any hour. That's relativity.”  I was drawn to this quote at a very young age but was not sure why. I believe that I am so attracted to this quote because it made me question time and its relevance to my reality and the universe.

But is there more to time that meets the eye or our perception?  

If we look at the structural definition of time it is merely a measure of durations and intervals. We use time to determine when we rise for work and when we can clock out and go to happy hour with some scientists referring to time as the fourth dimension along with the spatial dimensions.
So the question is does time really exist or is it man-made?

Is time something humans created as a means of control and management of their environment? We do know that dating back thousands of years, humans measured lunar cycles for practical reasons like knowing when to plant or harvest crops. Later, we know that with technology advancement there was the continual quantification of time into days, hours, seconds, and so on as a means of controlling the masses. You do need to know when you have to get to work don’t you? 

Okay, so I get it... time flies by when you're having fun. Perhaps we have glimpses of the understanding of the true nature and reality of time as non-existent when we fully enjoy an experience, since we're not aware of any passage of time. And perhaps when we do not do what brings us “en-joy-ment” we allow ourselves to be distracted in past and possible future that we are stuck in the two-by-two box container we create for ourselves. 
Food for Thought
A further thought is does everything happen in a linear order or does is it happening simultaneously and perhaps time is really non-existent with no past and no future, just the present and that all forms of the reality we create exist right now in the present. It may sound strange but it is not just an opinion I hold, but seems to be an ever increasing theory.  

These are the questions that sometimes come to mind when thinking about time. 
Unfortunately, my time for today's article is up and it is time to go do something else.
I will leave you with that to chew for a while and will link to exploring the simultaneous occurrence theory in a future post and would love to hear what you think!

Wishing you a day filled with events not bound by the constraints of time,
LeeZa Donatella
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