About Feeling Lonely

About Feeling Lonely
Perhaps you're coming across this article right now in a state of loneliness. If you are you're not "alone" in this feeling. About 99.99% of us at some point in our lives have felt lonely. Let me clarify this statement by saying that just because you're alone, it does not mean that you're lonely. I want you to be aware of the difference because to some people it's not obvious. 

Before her passing my mother and I chatted about the years I have been single and she asked how I could live such a lonely existence. Mom just didn't understand being alone as a choice. I took her hand and smiled, telling her that when you're comfortable with who your are then you're not lonely when there's no one else around and that I relished time spent alone in contemplation.   I further explained that I would prefer to be alone and happy then in a relationship like so many of my clients who were lost and lonely sleeping 6 inches away from someone else.  I think she understood.  

If you are feeling lonely today, whether the feeling is fleeting or lasts for a very long time, once you realize that it's a lower based emotion and vibration, similar in residence to despair you're at the first steps towards its elimination. You see it's ALWAYS your choice if you want to stay in this emotion. It does not define you as a person.  Remember the only you complete yourself and when you are complete you realize that none of us is truly ever alone. (more on this topic later)

The next time you are feeling lonely, try one and tell me how that made you feel:  Singing, cleaning up your space, writing, taking a walk or volunteering.

Wishing you a delicious day,