The 5 R's of Mercury Retrograde 2019

As Mercury Retrograde is in full swing now, I wanted to take a moment to speak to you all about the ramifications of this time for all of us. 

What is Mercury Retrograde?:

This happens three to four times per year, when due to an optical illusion, the planet Mercury appears to move backward in the sky. Some call this movement a retrograde, ergo the term, Mercury Retrograde.  

There are a plethora of things that you're asked not to do during this time, like sign contracts, get surgery, make major decisions or buy electronics because Mercury is the planet that rules communication. Most who know about this time period know that it is a time of delays, miscommunications and misunderstandings.

What most forget is this is a time filled with what I call the 5 “R’s.”
It is a time to “return” or “revisit” situations and issues from our past. It's a time to "reflect" on where you are now and how far we've come. Why? So we can “resolve”  and “release” what no longer resonates with our true selves. 

Just becoming aware of this will help you be present and not over-react to some of the inconveniences during this timeframe. Take this time to slow your life down a bit, just like the illusion of Mercury and stop the bullets before they reach you. That IS the intention of this time period, so don't allow it to make cracks in your very fiber.

In 2019, Mercury will be in retrograde three times, during the date ranges of:
  • March 5 to 28.
  • July 7 to August 2.
  • October 31 to November 20.

Shall your retrograde be uneventful,
LeeZa Donatella
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