Soul Mates and Twin Flames

I receive a ton of questions about soul mates, like: what is a soul mate?; how can I attract my soul mate?; if this person was my soul mate why did they hurt me? and a plethora of other soul mate and twin flame related questions, so today's article is about soul mates and twin flames and discerning the differences.

It's my understanding that we're all part of one of the many soul families and based on my studies and experience there are thousands of individuals in each of these families. Each soul family member that you meet can be considered a soul mate with one exact mirror image of you called your twin flame.

How can you recognize a Soul Mate?
You recognize them by the instant connection you share.

Oh, and a soul mate can be male or female. A perfect example of a soul connection happened when I was in Brazil speaking with a Middle Eastern woman. We instantly connected and I knew that we from the same soul family. We shared coffee and conversation. After we had spent an hour talking, she started speaking to me in Farsi. She looked at me sideways when I didn't respond.  I smiled and nonchalantly said, “You do realize that I have no idea what you're saying.”  She apologized stating that she had never done that before. We both got a big laugh as it happened several times again before we made our farewells. 

I thought a Soul Mate was my Life Long Partner, My True Love?
You're talking to the hopeless romantic and I can tell you that we do not connect with all soul mates for the same reasons. People who believe that a soul mate can only be our one true love, are wrong, so let me educate you. We meet these people because we have both agreed before coming to Earth that we would play out some experience with them, help each other grow, complete a karmic dance together that we perhaps began in a past life, learn from each other, or yes, fall in love and live together for the rest of this lifetime.  With thousands of our soul family members floating around, each of them we meet serves a purpose which is not necessarily to have a forever true love relationship with us. 

So no girlfriend, you're not supposed to sleep with all of them!  Even knowing what I have just explained does not make it any easier when you meet someone with whom you share an instant connection and attraction; a person who wears their soul at the tips of their eyes. As hard as you try not to look into them you do and you start to fall. With some the connection is so strong you don't even have to look into their eyes, just being in their presence causes the same reaction. So STOP and pull yourself together and think before the dance goes in a direction that was not the planned course for either of you. And if that tango lasts a little too long and leads to a dip or two across the boundary with a soul mate that you were not intended to be with in a physical sense, don't beat yourself up. Brush yourself off, chalk it up to experience, learn something from the encounter and continue to move forward.

Of all people I know better and still get thrown a curve ball when I have an instant delicious connection regardless whether he is aware yet of his power and energy. And when I do, I get shaken; this doesn't happen to me very often as I put things into perspective to find the bigger picture. I'm usually pretty sure it has to do with us helping each other, me sharing my knowledge to help him in his life and perhaps him sharing something to help me out, as we enjoy the delicious interchange. Perhaps the experience helps us both move forward in our search for that one true love that I too know will be presented to me late next year. With soulmates,  you just never know. 

If you are destined to share a physical relationship, yes, some are that happily ever after for the rest of your life, but some are also temporary as you both expand your experiences of deep intimacy, or for growth as you understand the potentials and possibilities of what's coming. These physical connections may bring you toward new non physical epiphanies. They can also be some of our greatest life lessons and agents for change, so knowing this may make it more palatable when you are hurt and holding negative feelings.

So when you meet one of your soul brothers or sisters, just be open to working with them in whatever capacity that the universe has planned for the two of you.

Sending you love and great soul connections this day and always,
LeeZa Donatella


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