Becoming More Attractive with Love

Words do not scratch the surface to describe how I’m feeling lately. It’s as if my heart is at the brink of exploding, filled beyond capacity with love. Never in my life have I had this feeling so intensely for such an extended period of time. You would think that I had found some new love interest, yet I’m in no romantic relationship; or perhaps an elixir or rose colored glasses, but no. All I know it that it began shortly after a recent vibration shift that I experienced. (Tomorrow’s article explains vibrational shifts). 

I noticed a lightening of sorts within and others noticed something as well.

I just know that I kind of feel like angel Michael in the movie of the same name as he women of all ages. That’s kind of been what’s been happening to me with guys since this shift. Perhaps that’s what happens when you allow more of the true self (love) in. The more we release what is less than love the more room there if for the good love vibe to enter. And that good vibe is attractive to all we meet.

Sending you all my heart,
LeeZa Donatella
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