Being Peace and Love

Yeah, I know you've heard this "Be Peace and Love" a million times before, but do you know why the some of us who have found that fountain of all that is grand and holy is continually spewing this to you?  It's because once you know the deliciousness of life you want to share it with, well everyone to make their lives better. 

It was no coincidence that I walked away from a vice presidency in technology to follow my passion of writing, teaching/speaking about the love energy and helping others. And things, they seem to work out as I open my heart and follow my dreams. On the occasion when I needed a little cash, a gig materializes or an opportunity for a place to stay appears, seemingly out of thin air. 

Life is so very precious and when you find the love within your heart, not only do you beam from ear-to-ear, you also find peace.  There also is a side benefit: everyone you meet is effected by your beautiful energy. I have witnessed sourpusses turn into mushes in minutes when overtaken by the love vibe I refer to in this article.  

Now do you see the reason for the continual spewing? 

I cannot tell you how blessed I feel being able to write a few words each day to all of you. The wonderful responses I receive about how what I have written has made a difference in one of your lives makes it all worth while.

Let me leave you with these last words today: Take time to be by yourself in silence and close your eyes. Take slow deep breaths and with every exhale expand your chest and feel peace. I know that every time I take time to slow down I find my heart and feel it bursting with love...... a love that I share will all I meet.

Wishing you a day filled with peace and love,

LeeZa Donatella
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