Office Stress - Coping

At a certain time each day, the frenzy begins as people are running around like chickens with no heads, not to holiday shop, but to complete tasks on a deadline.

6 people all reaching out to the same person for the same deliverable, upset because it was not turned around in an hour. It's this frantic energy that can be felt across the room or through the phone or computer chat window.

Let's take a moment to put things into perspective: NO ONE IS DYING HERE

This is not an emergency room, open heart surgery or  woman in labor. We're not rushing across the street to save someone from being hit by a car, nor are we trying to cure cancer. And there is certainly not a roaring house or forest fire.   It's someone in a corporate office with an imposed deadline. It's no wonder why our :flight" and "fight" response is out of whack when something as minor as a normal deadline has people jumping out of their skin.

For those on the receiving end, take a breath before turning to these folks and show them compassion. They obviously have no clue what is really important. Don't allow them to ruffle your feathers.

My advice to those allowing the stress get to them and beating down on others, take a moment and allow others the space and a little time to do their job.

Wishing you a stress free day

LeeZa Donatella
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           Eat Pray Stay Abadiania