Attracting More Love into your life. It Begins with YOU!

From the very young to the very old, the US to Timbuktu, we're all looking for more love in our lives. 

Whether you want more enjoyable moments in your life or are looking for finding that special someone, in my book, the answer is always the same.  

Love is the highest most powerful emotion. And when you find the love, you vibrate it. And when you vibrate love, you attract love. No matter your situation, if you look at where you are right now and embrace, love and appreciate it, then you will find the love in it. 

Now you may be shaking your finger at me saying, 'But, LeeZa, I am in a bad way right now, how can I love where I am?'

Okay, let's talk about that. You may be unemployed, or dealing with a mound full of debt. Maybe you just broke up with someone, or perhaps you're homeless or you are not well.  

I have also been in all those situations throughout my life and I can tell you that from experience I took some time to feel sad, bad and sometimes I even felt utter despair from a situation I found myself in.  The difference is that I didn't dwell in that feeling for too long. 

After a short time, I brushed myself off and took an assessment of where I was at, how I got there and what I could find in the situation that I could love, even when I experienced a horrific time with Mr. Wrong.  I can tell you that once I found the positive, I stayed in that moment, embracing, loving and appreciating it.  Okay, so maybe it took more than that, but let me give you an example that you can relate to. I may have been up all night worrying about how I was going to pay my bills, but that gave me the opportunity to be up at dawn to see the beautiful sunrise. Once I saw the positive my situation changed. 

After decades of experience, I knew that it was time to share what I knew with others.
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I may have been ill and had major surgery, but I when I started appreciating the fact that the part of my body associated with the issue was really my wake-up call to reassess that area of my life, then I took the illness in stride as I regained my strength. 

I may have broken up with someone after investing years in the relationship, but once I was thankful that I was given the opportunity to spend more time working on myself, the quality of potential partners I attracted increased. 

I may have lost my place to live or the things I owned, but once I realized that I did not need much and that my change in living situation was the universe allowing me the freedom to travel without a lot of baggage, I saw things differently and gained the fortitude to move forward.

I hope that whatever you are going through you can embrace where you are in order to see the love. It begins with you!

Have a day filled with love,