How to Reduce Stress in 5 Minutes

I encounter a lot of people who deal with stress, I can relate to them, spending many years immersed in corporate projects with tight deadlines. Although meditation is always a great exercise for relieving stress and quieting the mind, many people find difficulty getting there. The picture I posted today shows something I discovered back in the 1990's regarding ways to "shake off the stress."

By finding a space with a little room, take a few minutes to swing your arms freely from side to side.  

No, guys this is not a regimented exercise, and not a competition. How would you have swung your arms if you were a child; carefree, not rigid and not stiff.  Be free, flow, close your eyes and don't try to control the movement.

Ah, I can sense that some of you out there are still not flowing. Sweetie, you are not "Edward Scissor-hands," so loosen up your hands too and like the song says "Throw your hands up in the air. And wave them like you just don't care."  

Now you are getting it!

Breathe slowly in and out, smile, laugh and you'll start to feel great and your stress will begin to melt away.

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Wishing you a day filled with Love,
Leeza Donatella