Never be Afraid of the Unknown Energies Around You

I received an email from someone looking for information on smudging which caused me to write today's article.  My article How and When to Smudge  explains all about smudging your home, what to use to smudge and has pictures and video. 

After you smudge you will feel peace and bliss in the house. But for those of you that are hearing voices or seeing wisps of energy flying around your home, you may still hear or sense other energy, even after you smudge.


You may be going through an "Awakening." 

With the new energies that are coming in, the veil is getting thinner and some of those energies maybe your guides trying to communicate with you.

Not all energy and spirits are negative. Don't be afraid if you are becoming more aware as the illusion of the 2-by-2 starts to fade. Yes of course smudge away any lower vibrational energy, but know that energy is all around us filling in the smallest spaces in our environment. And it's not all bad.

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