The Life of a Celebrity (Poem)

The Life of a Celebrity
How tough it must be to be a celebrity
With photos of plenty and no privacy.
Their love life is plastered all over the news.
Just like world disasters or coming typhoons.
I feel for these folks, the brunt of our jokes.
As their personal lives are scrutinized online.
If we just took the time and tried to be kind.
We would realize they have feelings just like us.
Give your favorite celeb a break, let them live their life
Without buying into the hype or the crap.
No offense TMZ, but I can’t stand the sleaze.
Why not try showing the good things they’ve done.
More celebs support the arts and charities round the globe
For this and their talent we should commend.
Instead what makes us take that fated second look
Are their mistakes that top the lists on Facebook
So next time your sip your morning brew 
And a celeb hits the news, just stop and remember one thing
Put yourself in their shoes for a second or two cause
Guys, their only human just like me and like you.

Why not just post a nice note to your favorite celebrity's Twitter page instead.

Blessings and love to you this day,

LeeZa Donatella
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