Summer Lazy Days

Ah, summer. Now in Arizona the only thing you can say about summer is that it is darn hot, well at least in southern AZ. Up here near Sedona we are graced with at least 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix, our southern cousin. That doesn't say much when it's over 110 degrees down there, now does it.

I’m sure it’s hot wherever you’re located as well.  

With the heat comes a more lackadaisical attitude. It’s just too darn hot outside to do most anything. Well you have a couple of choices.

Yes you can sit on that couch and do almost nothing, but what a great time to get out into nature, perhaps the beach if you find yourself near a salthy body of water. The forest, well that's even better as the tall pines shade you from the summer sun. If you're home with the AC running, well this is a pergect time to go within and take an accounting of yourself. What a fabulous time to meditate.

Oh, you need to get something else accomplished? Writing that novel, are you?

Well when I need to write and am plagued by blocks and periods where I cannot get myself motivated, I use an interesting trick in order to get back on track. I take a very cold shower. I jump in there with tepid water, then turn the hot water all the way off until I can barely stand the cold. Not only does it cool me down, it provides me with invigoration and increased enthusiasm that I need to get to the tasks at hand. Yes it’s a bit shocking, but so well worth it in the long run.

So the next time you are feeling sluggish, just surprise your system and get back on track. 

Wishing you a day filled with great possibilities for independence,
LeeZa Donatella

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