Kissing is Underrated

Kissing is underrated The fire begins with the kiss
For those who think that all relationships are dysfunctional, you cannot see me, but I'm sticking my tongue out at you. 
If you know me, then you know that I can find something  romantic about a rock in the middle of an alligator invested Alabama swamp located near Bubba's momma’s moon shining operation.  

It's this way of being as well as something more that has provided me with the opportunities for some wonderful moments for sharing intimacy.
And, I've always been all about the kiss. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I believe in kisses that last an hour. And this is not any ordinary kiss. It is ones face gently cupped in the others hands, very slow and intense, with eyes open as you meet your partners gaze and melt into each other. It's soft and sweet, like savoring the ripest peach. It's playful and meanders to the forehead and ears before it finds its way back to the corners of the mouth. It includes the gentle touch of the hand, the caress of the arm or shoulder that ignites the flame, making the perfect aphrodisiac. It IS the allure of all the possibilities and is followed by long conversations, smiles and time shared. 

For years my girlfriends would ask me advice about the guys they dated. And I would always ask then the same question:

Are you a candle or firecracker? 

I mostly got looks of bewilderment. Then with a wink and a smile I explained that a firecracker has a quick short fuse, it burns very hot and with a big impressive bang it’s all over. Compare that to a candle that after illumination burns hot and steady for a long time.

It's my understanding that slow long kisses and taking your time are the beginning of lighting that candle and a winning combination as you discern if this person is someone with whom you want to share your most sacred self.

So when you fancy someone that fancies you, take your time, get to know them, kiss them long, gaze into their eyes and be the candle and not the firecracker. 

There really is no rush, so keep your shirt on honey! 

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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