Understanding the 2014 Energy Shift

We’ve seen a subtle shift in energy since the harmonic convergence on 11/11/11 through what people called the end of the world on 12/21/12.

Since December 2012 that change has quickened and our frequency needs to shift to remain in harmony and balance.

For many, regardless of whether they are aware that there’s been a shift or not, they do realize that something is off, but they just can’t put their finger on it.

Because these new energies are so different than what most people are accustomed to, it’s driving people to extremes and insanity. Some feel like they have become God, passing judgment on all, while others are spiraling into the abyss. Not handing the new energies well, I’ve seen personalities become volatile and violent, increases in substance abuse, depression and suicide, beliefs in multiple alien implants and focuses on campaigns against the government. All these people are missing the point, the bigger picture, and look to the external for solutions.

Is there something we can do to become in alignment with this new energy?

Absolutely. I’ve spent a lot of time myself in the past year in reflection and meditation to help increase my awareness and shift. As I put together different texts, guides and mediations for increasing consciousness, harmony and peace, I can give you a quick tip, right now.

Get out in nature for 1 hour a day without any distractions. By that I mean, leave your cell phone, PC, music, booze, drugs, smokes, family and friends at home. Do bring along a mat, blanket or towel and find a place where you can sit or lay in quiet, staring at the natural scene in front of you or the sky. Clear your mind with each breath in and out through your nose. Be present! Keep your mind from wandering by bringing your focus back to your breath This is your time to commune with nature and find your balance. If you can commit to this practice everyday you will never be committed and will align your frequency with the shift.

If you're interested in reading a delicious story about energy connections you may enjoy a series I am writing called Beyond the Veil of Illusion. The first book, The Awakening, is now available in all book formats. fin

Wishing you a day of peace and bliss,
LeeZa Donatella

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