Shaktipat - Connection to the Divine

While in Brazil I have experienced long period of Shaktipat.  I realized that my brief description in recent articles does not begin to scratch the surface of this experience, so I pulled out an old article to help explain the first time that I had experienced this amazing event. 

Shaktipat is a connection, initially facilitated by another to assist in your connection to what I call your Divine self.  And yes, words barely scratch the surface to describe the state of bliss, joy and love experienced when you fully connected.

Usually my posts are a little lighter, but this personal experience is just too delicious not to share and describe in as much detail as I can.

As I walk the path to increase my own vibration, consciousness and awareness spending a couple of years in Sedona was paramount to that end. When I landed in Brazil researching the backstory to the spiritual novels I am writing, I landed in spiritual towns and cities experiencing rituals, healing as I asked to increase my vibration.

I process and release all those past hurts, disappointments and hang ups that were keeping me from the next level. By doing so I became lighter somehow, to the point where I could actually feel it. During that time I experienced this Kundalini phenomena called Shaktipat a feeling so scrumptious and delectable. It is a feeling of Bliss, Joy and Love lasting for hours on end.    

Below is the series of events that transpired back in early 2013 that lead to this opening for me.

It was a day in early February when I was able to free a blockage and fully open the back of my heart chakra. It is thought that the back of the heart chakra is the place where we receive Love and through a ton of processing and releasing all chakras were now wide open.  I had spent time focusing on my intentions, asking for my next jump in awareness and consciousness, open and receptive to its presence.

Shortly thereafter I was volunteering when my friend Michael, a man full of grace and love came over to greet me. The gentle touch over the upper middle of my back, right over my now fully opened Heart Chakra was enough.  Something happened that I had never felt before and unlike the Kundalini experiences I have had in past, this flood of extreme bliss, joy and love poured evenly and simultaneously into all my chakras, like a flash flood soon saturated and bathed every cell in my being from my head to foot. 

I could feel each atom in each cell move along with the pulsating flow of blood coursing through my veins. I held my breath for a moment as I stood there and white-knuckled the tables edge, my grip so strong that I thought a piece of the table might break off in my hand. Barely cognizant, I looked around to see if my feeble attempt at some semblance of composure did not give away what was actually happening. The half a minute or so that it took me to regain some composure seemed like an eternity. And the incredible feeling, well, that stayed with me for several hours.

As I walked around enveloped in this astounding feeling, the people I encountered sensing my bliss smiled from its song. I sigh as I tell you that it is one thing to read or study something, but very different to experience its full intensity. 

Too embarrassed, it was months before I confessed about this activation.

I did however figure out that I could with deep focus and the right circumstances regain this feeling.

A few weeks ago in Brazil, the feeling returned, but stronger now, the intensity putting me down for 8 hours. My temperature spiked as my vibration was so quick my body could not sustain it.

So, now you know about Shaktipat and the incredible feeling more satisfying that “you know what.”

If you're interested in reading a delicious story about experiencing Shaktipat, energy and soulmate connections you may enjoy a series I am writing called Beyond the Veil of Illusion. The first book, The Awakening, is now available in all book formats. fin

Have a day filled with love and deliciousness, 
LeeZa Donatella

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