Seeing is Believing

I never realized how limited my vision was with glasses on. For those of you who didn't read last week’s post, I’ve spent time in a place outside Brasilia and somehow have gained an increase in sight. Yes, my sight is a far cry better than the coke-bottle thick lenses I was wearing when I arrived in Brazil and I am now without glasses until I can get back to the states and see an eye doctor for a decreased prescription.

An entire new world was opened to me once "they" worked on me (from an etheric perspective) prompting me to take off my glasses. Yes, well the They are not in physical form.

Update June 2014:
 If you're interested in hearing my entire story, my upcoming book (July 2014), called Eat Pray Stay Abadi├óniaa comprehensive guide to Abadi├ónia and visiting John of God also details my personal miracles. Click the above link to see a summary of the contents of this over 200 page book. It just may provide you with the information you need to decide to go visit John of God.

I guess that's what you get when you spend time in the middle of Brazil and experiment with several different spiritual modalities.  For me it has been an increase in awareness, a jump in vibration and well, not being dependent on artificial ways of seeing the world. 

My perception has changed in more ways than one. The world was opened to me as I was forced to see things differently for the first time since I was in early grade school. I am excited to discover the change in the numbers, be all-in-all the number doesn’t matter I know that the current lenses are too strong, well, because I cannot use them.

Have you ever tried someone’s glasses one whose prescription was so much stronger than yours that you look at them almost screeching saying.  “Wow, these are strong!”  What you’re really thinking is, ‘You poor bastard, you’re as blind as a bat.

Well, that’s what happens now when I try and use the lenses that had become my comfortable friends and seemed too weak just a few weeks ago. When I put them on, them seem so strong that I can’t see through them and I almost instantaneously get a headache.

Another phenomenon has occurred as well. The world becomes smaller. So much smaller that it seems to cave in on itself.  For years when I was wearing glasses I spent most of the day squinting. Without glasses, well, no there is no squinting to see anything. Now, I cannot see everything yet, but my attitude about seeing has changed. I no longer judge what I can and cannot see perfectly because everything I gaze at is already perfect.

I will know soon how much my vision has changed and will report back to all of you.
Update: Read the article A Miracle of Sight with John of God in Abadiania for information on the final prognosis. 

Have a day filled with love and new perspective,

LeeZa Donatella

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