Keep Dreaming Big

A friend posted an incredible photo from this morning that got me thinking about dreams and seeing things outside that 2-by-2 box that most of us live in. Take a look at this photo, then close your eyes and put yourself there. What is the first thing YOU think about?

I can tell you that the first thing that came to mind was the following:

An admiration of the vision of the creator of this magnificent castle and their fortitude to think outside the box. 

Then of course came conditioned questions like:·    
  • How the heck did they get all the materials up to the top of that rock?
  • I wonder how many years did it take them to build it? 
and then of course, 
  • Bet you would have a tough time if you were drunk off shore and wanted to make your way back home.
I wish that I could have kept my thoughts leaning toward that awe, wonder and admiration a little bit longer as it reminds us that when we dream big the possibilities are endless. 

Wishing you a day filled with big dreams,
LeeZa Donatella

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