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Buddha House for Rent in Abadiania
I sat in meditation this morning and at first I was very fidgety.  This is not a normal occurrence for me when I am connecting to my higher self and helping to heal Mother Earth. But today something else was weighing on my mind. It was the thought of one woman named Paula and her mission. 

About 10 years ago Paula opened up the Buddha House in Abadi├ónia, Brazil. Since then it has been a work-in-progress as it houses seekers of truth and increases in consciousness and spiritualism. Donations received above operating expenses are used to feed the communities hungry and in her spare time Paula also teaches local children.

Those who come and stay here are not interested in creature comforts, but donate money in exchange for a room because they want to help her with her mission. They overlook the imperfections as they laugh around the large wooden table in the shared kitchen and dining area as they enjoy the peaceful energy. 

I moved to the Buddha House after visiting with a new friend. It is a place of peace and the energies of the Casa are felt strongly here.  And apparently the entities like when you sing to them as they gather in large masses.  Below is a picture from in front on my room. 

There are more spirit orbs here than I have been able to capture anywhere else in Abadiania. I won't soon forget the first evening I sat at the dining room table; I felt something go between my ankles, followed by a feeling of love that coursed through me. I looked down while saying,  'That better have been a cat.'  Well, there are no animals in the Buddha House.

I wish Paula a long and happy mission.

Blessings from your eat pray love girl,
LeeZa Donatella
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