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Now I'll admit that I still crave a few things in my life; two being chocolate and bacon. That's right bacon! And I know that I cannot have bacon 7 days a week .. anymore, but there's something so tantalizing about that crispy pork sensation that I'm just not going to let go of it. 

Where I am right now in the middle of nowhere Brazil at a spiritual mecca, there's no bacon to be found and alas, although I'm thrilled about the opportunity to have Acai smoothies whenever I want, it just ain't bacon.  I make no excuses for my craving and I know that it makes some spiritualist's cringe thinking that I have not yet become a full fledged vegan, but we are talking about BACON here! 

And no, I haven't moved over to the turkey bacon highway. Why would I, for the love of St Micheal. Just the thought of sacrificing my tastebuds makes me want to spew. I don't think that an occasional bit of bacon takes away from my spiritual vibration. So to all you spiritualists who are appalled by my love affair, you can't see me, but I'm raising a slice of bacon your way!

Whether it accompanies my breakfast eggs, is wedged between a couple of perfectly toasted slices of bread married to lettuce and tomato with a smear of mayo, is propped up in a martini or dipped in chocolate, nothing, I mean nothing, will make me give you up, my first love.

I'm just saying!

Have a day filled with your favorite taste sensation,

LeeZa Donatella

PS - I LOVE questions, so please keep them coming! I answer every one and depending on the topic, add them to a question and answer section at the bottom of each article. There are no stupid questions, just unasked ones. We are all here to help each other.  Open your heart and share your question. You just may be helping another by asking it. Too shy to post a comment. That's okay,  email me.


  1. you have an interesting blog. thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Namaste Sridhar and dhan'yavāda. I appreciate your comments and am happy that you are enjoying the articles. Sometime I am serious, other times, like this article I laugh out loud at myself and try to be light. And then other times I am just full of all the love in the universe. Feel free to share the blog with others. Blessings..


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