Never Be Embarrassed if it Helps You or Someone Else Grow

To say that it can be a little embarrassing channeling messages for strangers can be an 
understatement. Let me provide for you an example based on my personal experience.  The other day I was in the shower as I got ready to meet some women for dinner. From my watery heaven I overheard a group talking in the courtyard behind my room. Here I was lathered up, enjoying the refreshing feeling of cool water on my body on a hot day, when I received the overwhelming urge to go out there and join them. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ I said to myself and ignored the call to duty. Oh, no, they were not accepting no for an answer today as I almost felt a hand on my back pushing me out of the shower in an attempt to hurry me up.  ‘For Pete’s sake,’ I thought as I dressed, my hair, dripping wet. ‘What’s the big rush?’

Let me tell you that it’s hard on your psyche, especially if you embarrass easily, interrupting a group in the middle of a talk, but I went back there and asked if I could sit. I was fortunate as the leader, a gal full of love and light said yes and they graciously made room for me.  

I sat there playing the scenarios over in my mind trying to figure out why the Spirits had urged me so intently to go there. ‘Do I tell them about the experience I had in the place where they are headed tomorrow? That must be it.’   So I told the story of me in this place and the butterfly and my experience. As I told it, I thought I would get that instant relief I so often received when I followed the guidance of Spirit. Nope, not this time. There was something else.  There would be no etheric pat on the back yet. Now my inner voice went nuts talking and getting messages back and forth as I tried to get clarification. Ah, it hits me like a ton of bricks; the person and the message that I am here to deliver. I blurt it out, trying not to cringe if it is not well received. And what did I get? A puzzled look.

‘Oh, great, I pissed off with what looks like a perfectly content person.’

I almost feel guilty, but the feeling of relief tells me that the message hit the bulls eye. Anyone who meets me would think that I am confident with a tough skin. What they don’t know is that most times I am petrified at their reaction, but the embarrassment I feel is overshadowed by my desire to deliver the message that belongs to them and them alone.

More often than not, although my messages hit their mark, I receive strange looks and my ego quickly jumps in and says ‘Do they not know that you used to be a senior level Tech VP for the largest bank in the US?' as they look at me as if I have three heads. No, of course they don't and even if they did it does not give the message more credibility.  I have gotten used to it and chalk it up to one of the experiences that I signed up for when I came here.  I put myself out there a lot and have finally gotten to a new attitude that if it helps one person out of 1000 tries then it is worth it.

Besides, I am so much happier since I traded my key to the executive washroom in for a backpack. I do not profess to be a perfect channel, but try my best to do what I can as I continually serve my brothers and sisters with all my heart.

Sending you love and blessings this day and always, your personal eat pray love girl,
LeeZa Donatella

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