Eliminating Doubt in Yourself

So often in my life I have been faced with a crossroad. Have you? It's when we are at that place that helps us blossom and move forward that we are faced with with great life changing decisions.  

Let me give you an example.
John is an incredible artist but has always made a decent income as an auto mechanic. His job pays the bills but it's not his passion. When he rises each morning all he can think about is putting his brush in hand and painting the sun as it rises over the meadow. That IS his joy. 

In his heart, John really wants to be a painter, but something inside him believes that this path, the one that truly gives him pleasure is harder and unattainable so he puts down his paintbrush and continues to work at the auto shop reserving his painting for the few hours a week when he has time.  He is miserable every minute that he is tuning up someone's car as he dreams of being in Paris on the Champs-Élysées painting by the Arc de Triomphe. Why did John not follow his passion and joy and take the easier road that made him less than happy? Why did he not take that chance?


Each emotion we feel has a vibration and like my recent article on Vibrating Love, doubt is one of those lower fear based vibrations.  Let's just lump it with uncertainty, shall we. So often people tell me that they dream of being this or that, yet they never follow through, always having some excuse that is really masking feelings of fear of the unknown and doubt in themselves.  And we take the more comfortable yet unsatisfying road due to old patterning of unworthiness of success, a seed planted inside us long ago.

The universe is telling you something yet you are too afraid to believe that you can be something more, following your joy. And when did this happen? 

Children are not born with doubt.  I'm pretty sure that doubt was introduced into most people's mind early in their childhood when they expressed a desire to do this or that and someone with whom they placed their trust planted that seed of uncertainty within them. How old were you when you first realized doubt?  Take a moment to remember.

Now, it's time to remove that sprouting plant from your garden.

Take that first time instance of doubt instilled within you, if you can. Hold it in your mind and release it, exploding it into a million pieces as you tell the universe that doubt in yourself no longer serves you. 

Now, go.......discover what gives you joy.

Wishing you blessings this day and always,
LeeZa Donatella

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