Blending In VS Standing Out

John of God
Funny how you find a place and seem to blend into the local culture so easily. This has been my recent experience as I go back to one of my favorite spiritual places, Abadiania, Brazil.  

The humidity here has transformed my semi-curly dark hair into full-blown ringlets that spiral down from the top of my head past my shoulders. I am greeted on the street or in shops by native and foreigner alike as if I live here. They speak to me in Portuguese and I get looks of surprise when I indicate to them that I have no idea what they are saying to me. 

I find it charming when fellow Americans either ask if I speak English or shoot me questions as if I work in one of the local eateries and cafes that I have been reunited with since my recent return to this gem of a  town. I think it's because this place, like my hometown of Sedona, AZ, is full of spiritualism, allowing me to share my love of life with the heart-centered people who frequent this spiritual oasis in the middle of nowhere. 

We are all brothers and sisters on this Earthly journey and are here to connect and share. It's the smile to everyone I meet; the touch of a hand when I see someone is hurting; telling a fellow seeker of truth that crying is a release. (my article on Crying);  or spending time to listen to a wise elder who is here for healing. They see the love that I am and I appreciate the person they are. 

It has taught this girl who loves to display her quirky sense of humor and stand out in the crowd that sometimes blending in is as special as standing out. So I blend, but am still styling in my inventive and fashionable ways to wear white.

Blessings and love this day from Brazil,
LeeZa Donatella 
The Eat Pray Love Girl

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