When do you Throw in the Towel

Some say that life means sacrifice. I don't agree. Mediocrity sacrifices excellence, and isn’t that what we are doing when we're not following our passion and joy? I often wonder why so many people who are obviously miserable in their current relationship or situation stay years longer than they should. And I'm not just talking about romantic relationships. I've stayed in positions where I was miserable just for a paycheck. I can understand keeping a vow made to God by a religious person, but what if you are being beaten or mentally abused? What if you’re not married? What if you're associating with people who are leading you down a path that is not for your highest good, or in a job that is against your ethics or that you hate so much you get yourself sick? 

I have made my share of mistakes in relationships and situations, that's for sure, but at some point I took a stand. I believe that the devil you know is not always better than the one you don’t. 

If that's the way you feel right now, trapped and miserable, then you are with the wrong person, crowd or job and the right person, friends and situations cannot enter your life, until you get your house in order.   

Do you think the other person or situation is going to change? What does change that causes us to walk away is OUR willingness to sacrifice our life one minute longer when we know that what we are involved in is not for our Highest Good!

If you are in a happy relationship with a loved one, friends and have a heart fulfilling job, then blessings to you and if you truly love the other person, then it is worth working on your relationship.  But if you are staying with someone merely because you’re afraid you will be alone, that my dears is something you need to resolve within yourself, because that thinking will only lead to more misery.  If you are not satisfied with your job, then take action, write that resume and post it and the universe will interpret your action as a positive step forward, bring you new opportunities. 

I'm just saying!

Wishing you only warm loving relationships, a job where you can follow your passion and a a day filled with blessings,

LeeZa Donatella

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