Everything in Life Changes (Annica)

Funny about making plans. No matter what I do, when I try and make plans it seems that the universe has something different in store for me. Most people would be jumping out of their skin at such uncertainly, but I have learned to take it in stride and I glide from one place to the next treated as if I were walking on clouds. Yes, I said clouds, since it seems that I am so truly blessed by the kindness of strangers and new friends. Many thanks to all the people in and visiting San Jose del Cabo that I have had the fortunate pleasure of spending time with. It has been my honor to get to know you and I wish you all well. 

As I board the plane in San Jose del Cabo heading back to the states, I will have to remind myself that I am no longer thinking in Spanish. I am flying into LA, so the weather will not be an issues as I allow my body time to acclimate to the less than tropical climate. It’s funny how impermanent life is. As soon as you get used to something, it changes That has generally been the story of my life for the past 20 odd years as I never get too settled before the universe shakes it up. And the universe has always provided me with such incredible opportunities to experience life, meeting the most generous, kind-hearted and sensuous people. I am truly blessed and will miss this place.

I am throwing out to the universe that this San Jose del Cabo be a home based from fall to spring each year. Wouldn't that be delicious!

The moral of today's article is clear: Enjoy all the delicious moments you encounter along the journey, because like anything else, life is also impermanent

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,
LeeZa Donatella

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