Everyday is a Opportunity to Make Someone's Day

Did you know that everyday is an opportunity to make someone's day? It's all about your outlook. You may be laughing as you read this thinking, is LeeZa crazy thinking that my trip to the Verizon store when I have only twenty minutes before I have to pick up the kids from soccer practice is any kind of an opportunity? Yes, EACH place that you are guided to as part of your journey and an opportunity to lift up someone else, including that impromptu trip to the Verizon store as you finally get to that little glitch with your smart phone or change of plan that you've been putting off.  It happened to me today when I was driving down to Phoenix and realized I had some time. And time is what I needed as I was told I was fifth in line as I awaited a consult about my phone and plan in the busy stored filled with customers perusing the newest technology.

I took this opportunity to connect to their free wifi and check emails as I waited then shared a kind word with a one of their representatives, telling him how much I appreciated his patience as he apologized to me for the not-so-long wait. There are many in the service industry who deal with customers who are less than cordial, wearing the frustration of their daily routines on their sleeves as they walk in the door of local businesses. It's times like this when I have the opportunity to show my appreciation to these unwilling sounding boards that I find out how much of an effect on their day a kind word has. It's when we find the love within ourselves that we can share that love with others to make their day. I always say, you never know where God is and it is certainly true that we CAN make a difference in someone's life, even in the few minutes that we spend with them. Often people think that you have to do something monumental in order we make a difference and that's not true. It's sometimes as simple as a kind word from a stranger when you are in the right place at the right time that can make a difference. 

So take notice of those opportunities on your daily journey to make someone else's day. You never know what an impact you have on another unless you make that effort to let your inner love shine.

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,
LeeZa Donatella

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