Do Not React When Plans Change

Yesterday was one of those days when the universe was in perfect alignment. And I’m not talking about the fact that everything I had planned went smoothly. Nothing went to plan and that was the beauty of it all. Everything that I thought I was going to do yesterday, did not happen. But I never reacted, got disappointed or allowed my vibration to waver. Not once, when my initial plans for this evening were cancelled, or when I was delayed getting to all my destinations, and not finding what I was looking for, or fret about what I had forgotten to bring along, did I take the events as a negative. I just thought, well, the universe must have something even better in store for me.

That statement was true and revealed itself later that afternoon. I enjoyed a private guided tour arranged by a new friend of an exclusive resort in true celebrity fashion as staff treated me like Julia Roberts, followed by a spectacular view of the setting sun, sparkling conversation and an evening at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere where sightings of Clooney, Crawford and Anniston are not uncommon.  I also got to help a couple of young people along the way. Turned out to be a day even better than I could have planned.

So, today’s posting is short, but significant.

When things do not go according to the plans that you have on that crumbled piece of paper you stuck in your pocket this morning, perhaps the angels have something even better in store for you.

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,
LeeZa Donatella

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