Bashar Visits Sedona

Today’s article is about Bashar. Some of you may know about Bashar and some of you may be asking me, LeeZa, who is this Bashar person?  Well, in fact, Bashar is not a person at all, well at least not of this world. I know that may throw-off some of you, but read on and I will explain more about Bashar and my view of him. As a seeker of truth and increased consciousness and spiritualism I too was skeptical when I heard about messages being channeled from an alien being in a ship thousands of miles above Sedona, AZ, but living in Sedona, I was curious enough to find out more about Bashar. Here is what I discovered.

About Bashar and His Message
About 30 years ago, a man, named Daryyl Anka started channeling this extraterrestrial being who called himself Bashar.  The man, Daryyl, allows himself to be the channel to groups of people in different locations and Bashar’s messages are centered on creativity, joy, abundance, health, clarity, self-esteem and self-love, the release of fear and those negative patterns that keep us from moving forward.

As we learn how to connect with our higher selves and follow our passion and joy, we release the beliefs that are not for our highest good. I believe that listening to Bashar is a good tool or adjunct to what you are doing today to help you on your path toward enlightenment..

I am not sure what I believe regarding the validity of Bashar, but it doesn't much matter to me. His messages are positive, good and sound and have helped me move forward and release deep seeded patterns formed in my youth. Perhaps they will help you as well. 

Although it was a highlight for me having the chance to see him in person, you don't have to attend a seminar to hear Bashar's messages, There are hundreds of Bashar videos posted all over YouTube that you can view. Below are the videos I shot and posted when I saw Bashar in Sedona in April 2013, including a Bashar meditation. Some are just the recordings, since the cinematographer (me) had a shaky hand and it made me sea-sick watching them. 

Wishing you a day filled with happy viewing.

Bashar Sedona - Picture Medley

Peace and Love to you now and always,
LeeZa Donatella

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