The Fading of Ego

I just received a current revision of THE AWAKENING   (edition2) back from my editor.

I never realized how much of an opportunity for positive growth it can be to have someone reading your heart and telling you the small pieces of it that have to change. There's a lot of back and forth during an editing process.

I liken it to a marriage: a lot of give and take. And I am paying her to do this to me. I guess it's like anything in life when you want to grow. And don't beat yourself up about it. Appreciate the small triumphs along the way, as I let go of ego and see the bigger picture. And I do see my ego fading a little more each round.  I just keep listening to Be Love, the funny background vocals I recorded for a new video I shot and smile.

So, the next time your boss or co-worker, or significant, other, friend, etc. provides you with constructive criticism, before you get your panties all scrunched up there kiddos, take a moment and breathe. If the message is sent with love, then take it, analyze it and do something positive with it. And if you do get butt hurt, take a moment and think why that is? Is it because you still have some work to do, keeping your ego in check?  

Sound advice from a woman who had  a large ego, perhaps bigger than a mansion. Just food for thought.

Blessings to you and wishing you a day filled with LOVE,

LeeZa Donatella

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