Keep your Holiday's Sacred

I love that the “Brits” call a vacation, a holiday. So often when people go ‘on holiday,’ at least the ones I have spent time with from the US, they rush around filling their days with this and that activity to fill in the time between daylight and dust, then pop in the shower get dressed and are off to yet another place for the evening.  They return back home needed a holiday from their holiday. Interesting, right?

A holiday is a day without work and is supposed to be a day of rest. I believe a ‘Holi-day,’ is a sacred time to recharge your battery, find your inner peace and appreciate this wondrous life that we are so blessed with. It's been called your connection with the Christ consciousness;  I don't judge what anyone calls it, but know it as the divine pure love that dwells within you when you open your heart. 

Now, I'm not against spending time in a new place exploring the culture, the architecture, nature, music, etc., but I know when I am connected to that pure love, I'm in a state of total bliss, what some would call grace. In that space is only peace, unconditional love, joy and compassion. 

So, for the love of all that is good for you, keep YOUR wholeness or holiness in your holiday. Stop rushing around and continuing the distraction. If you cannot take a vacation, make an hour a day, your vacation, your Holi-day and take this precious time to relax, de-stress and be at peace and allow unconditional love to flow into your heart. Allow your mind to become calm and serene and focus on the present. Allow your heartbeat to slow so blood can drench and rejuvenate your cells and balance your hormones. Your body, mind and soul will be delighted by the change. 

Wishing you Love this day and always,
LeeZa Donatella

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