Do not Waste Divine Inspiration

God, that universal force, provides us with inspiration.  Take Sedona for instance, a town jam-packed with people that are “connected” to the divine. And with that connection, the creative inspiration is flowing. But many of the most amazing inspired people I've had the pleasure of knowing in my life are not yet successful.  Why?

I believe that inspiration is only part of the equation. Here’s the secret:
  • Take action on your Inspiration
  • Ask the universe the right questions
  • Be grateful, right now
  •  Serve others

Take Action on Your Inspiration
You can have the most incredible idea or song in your heart or philosophy, but if you sit on your butt and do nothing, then you’re just wasting that inspiration.  You need to take action in order to succeed. And when I talk about action, yes, write that book, create that piece of music, of course, but don’t stop there. And NEVER give up your dream. A wise person just the other day told me that statistically, most people give up right before they make it. Do not allow doubt or naysayers to squash your dream; keep at it.

Ask the Universe the Right Questions
Did you think that the universe was going to provide you with all this divine inspiration just to have you waste your time? I don’t think so.  When I wrote The Awakening,  the inspiration, writing and publishing of edition 1 came very quickly so I  could publish on 11/11, the day representing awakenings. But I knew that it was not perfect and made a comment to my friend Michele that I wished I could find a great editor. She turned to me and laughed and said, wow, isn’t that funny, this editor (who works with a very famous spiritual author) came in the shop and handed me her card. For some reason I thought I needed more than one, so I asked her for a couple of cards. Interesting. So I pulled Edition 1 of The Awakening and worked with this incredible editor on Edition 2 and God willing, it will be available in late spring. Another example of asking the right questions concerns funding. So many people are inspired, but few have the funding for the project. Again, if you ask the universe, listen and are ready to take action, you will be surprised at the information that comes and the venue from where it comes. When it does, run, do not walk pass GO and take action.

Be Grateful Right Now
We all experience pleasant and unpleasant situations in our lives. That’s why we are here, to experience, learn and grow. Yes, when you experience something unpleasant you are allowed to put your head in your hands and say, “What the heck?” But how long is your recovery time? I've had some awful unpleasant experiences in my lifetime. But I found over the years that my recovery time is faster as I more easily discern the learning opportunity in every experience and I am grateful for that experience, both the pleasant and unpleasant ones.  If you are grateful for where you are right this very minute, then even the most negative situation will turn around into a positive one.That is the key to all your successes in life. Some of my most horrific experiences have provided me with the MOST inspiration to take my life in a whole new more rewarding direction. It's just the way you look at it and what you do with it. 

Serve Others
Take the time to serve others. It may be as simple as a few hours a month of service at a church kitchen, or a small donation to a friend in need or a donation to a local charity. You serve others every day when you take the time to notice them, like seeing someone on the street or in the grocery store and saying “good morning.” I do that all the time, especially with our seniors. You know, you may just be the only person that they speak to that day.
The smiles you get in return lighten your heart, allowing you not only to move forward, but increase you abilities so you are more aware of the opportunities the universe is sending your way. 

Dare to dream; do not give up on those dreams; be love, be peace and help others. It WILL ALWAYS prove to be a successful combination.

Wishing you a day filled with peace and love,

LeeZa Donatella

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