When God closes one door, he opens another

There are several ways to say this including ‘When God closes one door he opens a window,' but I think you get the idea. I used to laugh with the visual I would get when I heard this statement. It always made me chuckle as I imagined a door atop a fluffy cloud. Even now as I write about it, I grin from ear-to-ear as this image dances in my mind.  

As I sat in a restaurant one recent morning enjoying that perfectly crisp pork creation…. bacon, I sighed, as I watched the sun still low in the sky shining on the ocean;  the waves that rolled into shore provided me with the perfect ambient melody to accompany my morning meal.

‘What an amazing morning once again,’ I thought, as I breathed in deeply, beaming as I sipped the dark roasted goodness that the waiter just refilled in my cup.

I sat back, then casually looked to my left, smiling as I watched a couple at a nearby table whose energy was beautiful; they glowed and vibrated, pulsing love in unison. We somehow got to talking and I know that the universe was blessing me as I appreciated this interaction.

And blessed I was as I continually learn that the path that we walk is full of wonderful opportunities if you are aware and pay attention. This particular one came in the form of new friends and a way to give back and be of service here in Mexico. I believe that we are all here to help others and was overjoyed knowing that I was going to be able to help. 

We met up last evening and drove a few miles away from the shore into the outskirts of San Jose del Cabo to a kitchen near a small church. This particular evening we would be feeding the children in the area.  Tonight while others cooked, my first task was to go and tell the families in the area that there would be a meal for the children. After being provided with the words to say ‘Tenemos comida para los niƱos en la iglesia a las seis,’ (we have food for the children at the church at 6) I was off with a small group walking down the surrounding streets saying these few Spanish words to the countless families that we encountered. We traveled down dirt roads filled with meager dwellings made of cinder blocks and tarps and whatever other materials their constructors could find that would prove useful. The energy here was not what I expected; it was upbeat and positive as children played, dancing around and greeting us as we walked by.  It was humbling and I became ashamed that I had complained about some trivial annoyance that I faced, just earlier that very day. 

Back at the church, I knelt beside a small table among twenty little souls coloring. No language skills were required on my part as I just smiled and nodded as the kids spoke to me, telling me the names of the colored crayons they shared as they filled in an outline of a small dog.  

I took my direction from those around me in the kitchen as I worked the assembly line when the meal was ready to serve; each of the little ones were so welled behaved as they sat and ate. I look forward to seeing them once again and if it is meant to be will be able to get a ride to work with the church every week.

Even though I plan on being back home in March, I miss my Sedona family with opportunities a plenty to serve in the kitchens that surround the area, last evenings experience provided me with such gratitude for what I have and left me with a feeling of the abundance of love in my heart, ecstatic that I was able to share joy with others. I went home with a sense of fulfillment, grateful for this wonderful opportunity for service and continued spiritual growth. 

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
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