Should you always be Honest?

You realize as you walk the path toward enlightenment that above all you need to be honest with yourself and others. But does that mean you have to tell people what's on your mind? This is my dilemma as I recently met someone who put their hands on me to ‘heal me’ when I told them I had a little headache.  I found it extremely offensive that they didn't first ask permission before touching me. If they did I would have quickly declined the invitation. As your vibration increases you are very sensitive to other's energy and vibration.  I stood there and did nothing. I remained silent and blocked myself off as they invaded my energetic space, hiding my discomfort.  If I was honest and spoken out at that time, it may be less than compassionate and I did not want to embarrass them in front of a dozen other people, knowing that their intention was kind and loving, wishing me only assistance.  

I live my life in peace assisting all people in increasing their vibration, yet was so bothered by the vibration of this person who was trying to help me.  Why? I had to take time and look within for answers? What was it in me that I NEED to work on that was being mirrored? Ah, I thought as the answers slowly came.

I am continually amazed as the universe puts people in my path to assist me in my journey to enlightenment. It is the teacher who is continually becoming the student. I am thankful to the powers that be for these opportunities for positive spiritual growth. 

Blessings and a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella