Living in the Present

So often in my life I have had it good, yet I always looked to the future. And sometimes I have had it bad, again reliving the scenario over and over in my mind trying to alter my reaction and responses. When I finally realized that you can’t change history and living in the future only keeps us from enjoying the present, I had to stop.

If we only knew that to relive the past or look only forward to tomorrow does us no go. The past is gone forever, so get over it. Tomorrow has not yet happened. I do know one thing: Everyone’s life is full of pleasant and not so pleasant experiences. In my opinion both types of experiences is what we agree to take on as part of our existence on Earth.

By observing them and not reacting, we gain control over the sensations we feel. When we do so, we live in the present, which is a delicious place to be. The present is filled with wonder and excitement to the small things we experience throughout the day, like that first bite into a scrumptious Mexican pastry, or the sunrise on the beach, a gracious hello from a stranger or a smile form a child. Oh, I cannot tell you how grateful you becomes when you start living in the present.

Blessings and a wonderful day to you all,

LeeZa Donatella,


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