Go with the Flow

When you go with the flow, you are truly blessed
Nothing rings truer than those few words. As I left my winter dwelling in San Jose Del Cabo I jumped in the car I rented for a couple of days to explore some of the small northern seaside towns.  My finances are not the same as when I worked in technology so I watch my dollars carefully these days as I work on the rounds of edits for The Awakening, the first in the Beyond the Veil of Illusion series and write the next book. Giving up that corporate lifestyle where I was accustomed to a upscale hotels when traveling for business was a personal choice as I follow my dream of waking up my readers to spiritual concepts with my romantic spiritual adventures; it is that labor of love and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others that keeps me going.

I ended up at the most luxurious hotel on the small strip of beach where my travels took me, threw caution to the wind and pulled out my credit card. Instead of living in lack I said what the heck, and for one evening, I would once more have a taste of the luxury afforded to me from a lucrative past.

The room did not disappoint with large marble tile floors and a comfortable king sized bed with six pillows with large floor to ceiling glass doors overlooking the Sea of Cortez.
The restaurant view was just as spectacular and I sat down to enjoy the sunset and ordered a glass of Merlot and bowl of tortilla soup. It was then that something spectacular happened. Because of some interesting twist of fate, I had chance meeting with an incredible woman. We shared stories of love and strength and the universe worked its magic. This woman was a manager at the hotel; they subsequently discounted my room and my meal became complimentary. Best of all I made a great new friend.

I turned on my computer when I returned to the room, wanting to ensure that I shared this will all of you. I am grateful to the blessings of the universe. The only thing that could top this would be kicking back in jeans and a tee shirt sharing a beer with George Clooney at his house in cabo or fishing with him by the arch. lol

I headed back toward San Jose Del Cabo with a smile as the universe reminds me that when you go with the flow, wonderful things can happen. Now here is something that blew me away. The next morning a new friend asked if I would attend a upcoming party hosted by George Clooney at his Mexico beach home since they will be in the UK and cannot go. How exciting! Whether it comes to pass or not, it was a blessing to be thought of in such high regard. Maybe I'll get the chance to go on that fishing trip after all. 

Have a day filled with Love.

LeeZa Donatella

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