Finding Inspiration

What is inspiration? To me it's a creative idea that comes to the forefront of my thoughts. Where does inspiration come from? If we knew then we could bottle it. I often thought that it has to do where I was physically that provided inspiration, the scenery and the energy; perhaps that is partially true, but based on my experience it is much more. I have received my strongest bursts of inspiration when I was in the midst of personal strife and transformation. So I wonder, is that why the greatest symphonies were written during periods of great strife and political turmoil?

Perhaps you don’t need to go through some incredibly unpleasant experience in order to get inspired. I do find inspiration when I am quiet in nature. In this place with just me and my natural surroundings, I quiet my mind and become open to the messages and inspiration that comes.

A wise friend once said that if you don't act on inspiration, then that thought, idea or concept is passed onto someone else, allowing them to act on it. When I heard that it was my wake-up call not to waste any divine guidance that I was receiving.

Our time on this planet is precious and cosmically short. Find what provides you with inspiration; cherish those moments, both pleasant and unpleasant. Do not waste inspiration when it comes. Do not be afraid to move forward. Walk with courage and take action.

Wishing you a day filled with love and all the blessings the universe can provide, 
LeeZa Donatella

Author of Beyond the Veil of Illusion – The Awakening (Pre-Order Edition 2 on Amazon)

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