Crying can Heal the Soul

Throughout history, crying is something that's been misunderstood. For example, some men believe that it's not manly to cry; that it shows weakness of some kind. And some people can’t cry at all, hardened by an emotionless existence as they walk around numb to all the pleasures and pains that this Earthly experience offers us.

We now know that crying is actually good for us as we release toxins from our tear ducts. It's also a way to release emotions and stress. Through being still and quiet I came up with what I believe are some of the reasons why we cry, putting them into a poem about crying, shown in the picture that is associated with this article. A fellow channel I met in Sedona also shared that when we cry we release beliefs that no longer serve us. It is healthy to cry. Crying heals the soul. Crying is healthy for the body. Crying reduces stress levels.   
So don't feel ashamed to cry. It is your physical body's and spirit's release. Don't turn away, bow your head or cover your eyes, but display your tears of release proudly. Smile as you share your emotional self with your fellow man. And have a cry on me today!

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,

LeeZa Donatella

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  1. my whole soul was crying I don't know which person was trying to reach me on the otherside

    1. Was it crying for joy or crying in pain. When I feel the presence of someone in the room, I close my eyes then ask who it is. Try that and see who comes through. If you cry, know that it is a joy to feel and connect with a loved one that has transitioned.


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