Cherish your Friends

I have been fortunate and am grateful for the few true friends I have. How can you tell who they are? I believe that a true friend is someone with whom you share a deep connection. You have similar likes and dislikes. They are the person who drops everything when you need them. They are there for you through good times and bad; listen with care when you are speaking and encourage you when you need a lift. They are one of the handful of persons you reach out to when you want to share good news. They believe in you and they do not judge when you go out with that loser, but are there to pick you up when it’s over.  They are kind, generous and considerate of your feelings. If you lose touch with them, you do not skip a beat when you reconnect.

Some say it is best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  I do not believe in enemies.  If there is someone whose energy does not resonate with mine, well, I tend to migrate away from that person.

As you rise and greet the sun, remember to also think fondly and cherish your friends. They are the ones with whom you share your energy and keep in your inner circle. Give them a call and tell them how special they are and how blessed you are to have them in your life!

Have a day filled with Love.


LeeZa Donatella