Change Your Focus

There are often times in one’s life where we face a crossroad or feel like we are standing on a cliff. If I had a nickel for every crossroad in life I have faced, well, let’s just say that I would have a pocket full of nickels. And when we hit this crossroad we sometimes are filled with indecision, fear, worry and apprehension. Which way do I turn, left or right? Or do I continue straight? I would be telling you a mistruth if I did not admit that for me most times I am standing at the edge of that cliff looking down at the abyss and wondering, ‘Gee, what the heck am I doing? How did I get here and where do I go now? Will there ever be light at the end of that tunnel?’

Funny, but true I think it is those times when we are feeling so unsure and vulnerable that we are ready for our next growth spurt.  We emerge from the chrysalis, like the butterfly, transformed; a true metamorphosis.  And I believe that if we just take a giant step back and see the entire situation as it has unfolded in its totality, we see it with a new and different focus; and that helps us make sense of it all.  What was so intense and less than positive, becomes that opportunity. Wow, what an interesting concept as I move forward on my own journey and look to those unpleasant situations as learning experiences.  I hope that this posts finds you all well and working toward your little piece of nirvana on Earth.

Love and Blessings,

LeeZa Donatella


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