Open Your Heart to Others

I had the fortunate experience to spend time with some seafaring friends in the last couple of days. I was in awe as I entered the water among one of our incredibly strong cousins from the sea, humbled by their sheer presence and energy. It reminds me that we share the Earth with such wonderful creatures. I was hesitant at first to visit the dolphin sanctuary. I asked myself, what would their life be like, if they were swimming in the wild. Do they feel caged? I know that for myself when I am feeling caged or trapped I want to break free. It was a quandary and I wanted to experience the energies of these amazing creatures for myself and silently ask them how they felt.

I was happy to report that the energy of my little 7 year old playmate who was born in captivity was good. I found out that he and his friends are treated well by the staff and live almost double the years of dolphins who are in the wild as he lapped up all the attention, rubs, hugs and small fish from me and my fellow swimmers.

I was still left with the deeper question: Since my little friend has never experienced swimming in open-ocean, does that make him blindly submissive to his current environment?  Is it similar to the people who do not venture farther than the two-by-two illusion that they are brought up in? Having broken out and stepping into the darkness of the unknown at first can be frightening, but I am a believer of taking that first step with courage in order to grow. 

Blessings and a great day to you.. 
LeeZa Donatella