A Spiritual Resort Near Napa

I had the pleasure of staying at this spiritual resort and wanted to share my experience. First, I had no idea of the existence of this magical place before I drove down the winding road to its entrance off Petrified Forest Road in Calistoga.  Sometimes I let the universe take the wheel and guide me to the places where I provide a shift or receive one. At Mountain Ranch in Calistoga, I was the one who received the shift. I pulled into the resort after dark, exhausted after driving 16 hours from Sedona to Northern California.

I was pleased as I opened the door of my accommodations to find a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A separate intimate seating area surrounded by windows in the front of my cottage that housed a small stove, sink and refrigerator. My first call to order was to strip my travel clothing. I jumped in the shower to my delight as wonderful hot water rejuvenated and healed my sore muscles.  I was soothed by the color palette of the room that complimented the sage bedding and smiled when I saw the cherub bed shirt and accompanying extra blanket.  I enjoyed a cup of hibiscus tea sprawled on the couch in front of a blaze in the wood burning stove.  I felt warm, embraced by the love that the owners shared with their guests, evident by their hospitality and felt throughout my cottage.

I woke the next morning at sunrise, renewed.  Being from Sedona and a writer, I was looking for a peaceful inspirational environment to work on my latest book.  I surveyed the grounds and was amazed by blooms at this late fall date. Several yellow flowers along with a couple of purple, possible lavender varieties still in bloom in a variety of areas on the property. I walked around the immediate grounds spying a small collection of antique farm equipment retooled as planters and well established vines covering intimate and large group seating areas. It reminded me of the places I visited in the Catskills in my youth, with small cottages surrounding a main house, tennis courts, and pools. But this place as a spiritual twist if you look beyond your nose at the sayings and spiritual regalia. But there is so much more here. Mountain Ranch certainly provided me with more than I could have imagined, a gem tucked away on 300+ acres, with its own hot spring, trails and labyrinth. I was instantly transported to a place of peace and bliss and the inspiration flowed.

If you are looking for the typical 5 star homogenized pretentious fare, this may not be the place for you. If, however, you want to escape the two-by-two illusion that we live in to keep up with the Jones and step back to a time of peaceful walks of discovery on one of their many trails as you gaze upon the serene mountains, then I recommend that you take a look here. I am confident you will find the peace and spiritual uplift you are seeking. 

Happy millennium, Mountain Ranch!
Blessings and Love,
LeeZa Donatella


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