Impossible is Just an Opportunity for Greatness

I was always the “I’ll show you” girl. If someone said a task was impossible I would jump at the opportunity to prove them wrong. I even graduated college at 19 because I was told it could not be done.
I had an old manager who knew this about me and every time he wanted me to do something he would preface it with, “I have a task that seems impossible.” An easy way to motivate someone, don’t you think? 
As I get older and a bit wiser I am still motivated by these few simple words. Most people when you tell them that something is impossible it tends to deflate their sails. That never worked with me. It still continues to make me try even harder to prove them wrong.
Success is 99% enthusiasm and drive. It is that fire that burns in your belly when you are on the right path. So the next time you have a great idea and someone tells you what you want to do is impossible, do not let it deter your motivation but know that when you feel that fire in your gut then keep that fire burning anyway you can. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Wishing you all blessings and success and a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella



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