Find your Place of Peace

Have you ever woken up ad thought you were in a dream?  Often since moving to the Sedona area do I feel this way. Some days the dream is full of new excitement, others opportunities for positive growth. And yet others are so full of bliss, gratitude and love that I can hardly contain my joy!
It is those latter days, where I am in this good heart space when the true magic happens. It is the smile from a child as they awake and reach out their arms for you to swoop them up and provide them comfort. It is the good morning from the ones closest to you as you share the beginnings of the day.

They say that if you seek only what gives you joy, then your life will be filled willed with only joyous situations. Look for the bliss in every situation and you truly are blessed.

Have a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella


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