Internal and External Spirits

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First Spirit was providing me with so many topics for today's post that I decided to start with answering a question that I am often asked "How do I recognize spirit?"

First let me explain that I needs to classify spirit into 2 categories for the sake of my explanation: 1) the spirit or energy within, that some call connections to their higher self and 2) spirits external to ourselves. Spirit presents itself in different ways to different people. And spirit will present itself to you in different ways depending on the circumstance. You just have to be aware and listen.

Higher Self
The connection to your higher self is a little different than to external spirits. For some it is a sudden wave of complete peace that overwhelms them. I get this incredible wave of a delicious tingling feeling that overtakes by body, when I am in that place where I am connected with my higher self. I will be posting information on details about our Higher Self connections in the near future.

For those of you who have read my series on John of God, you know that down in Brazil I mentioned smelling the divine fragrance of roses and seeing the butterflies. These were also examples of connection. But you do not have to travel to Brazil to connect.

External Spirits

Spirits that Heal
In the John of God series I mention the healing performed by the spirits (Entities of Light) present at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. These spirits work with John, assisting in the healing. I have personally experienced a physical healing of bursitis in both my ankles and have seen others with miraculous healings while I was there.

Spirits You Know
If you think that your loved ones who have passed are gone, they are not. There is this TV show called Long Island Medium featuring Theresa Caputo. I love this gal and the way that spirit communicates to her. And I love that she has devoted her life in service helping others with her talents.

Theresa’s ability is evidence of the messages that passed loved ones have for you, for they do try to speak to us daily. Now, not everyone will see or hear dearly departed uncle Morty, but spirit communicates with all of us in different and various ways. A few examples include, moving things in the house, (I have stories), a familiar smell of that person that some can distinguish, a familiar object suddenly or continually appearing that you would relate to that person. Just know that our passed loved ones are always surrounding us with the love we continue to share with them.

Not all spirits that communicate with us are our passed relatives. 

The Nagger
.Do you ever get a nagging feeling that just does not go away. You perhaps you hear spirit as well as get the nagging feeling.It eventually becomes hard to ignore for most of us. Well, guess who is calling? Right… spirit, trying to tell you that you need to do something. For example, I can be in a deep sleep and wake up with a nagging thought to do something. As much as I try to shake that thought it will not leave me until I perform the action. It can be a feeling to reach out to someone, do something, read something or go somewhere.

I remember when my dad was close to passing it was 11pm at night and I got it in my head to ask my husband to make me a pot of coffee. Now I am a 6 am riser and usually in bed way before 11pm. But something was telling me, gee you really want some coffee. I cannot tell you the crazy look my husband gave me with my late night coffee request. And yet, he is a great guy and made me a full pot. About an hour or so later we got the call to go back to the hospital. Actually nice of spirit to not reveal the true reason for the coffee. Spirit knew I would be the one who had to handle things and that I needed to be alert.

Spirit Intercession
We all have examples of how spirit intercedes to assist us. I have many examples, but here is one I remember vividly when I was working on a temporary engagement and spent a lunch time at an overdue eye doctor appointment. Coming back from the appointment, I was running late and put peddle to metal in the left lane riding close to the tail end of a white SUV with an interesting pictorial display on its back hatch. Because I am in tune, I usually sense when there are police around, but for some reason today I did not see the officer parked in plain sight on the left side of the road under the overpass. He pulled me over and asked me, “Didn’t you see me?” No, I sheepishly admitted, but after a few minute chat with him somehow only received a warning citation for less than 10 miles over instead of the hefty ticket based on my actual 30 miles over speed. I pulled away and was stopped about 5 minutes down the road in bumper to bumper traffic. For the love of Pete, could this delay get any worse I screamed to myself. As we inched forward I could see that there was an accident and as always I said a prayer for those involved in the crash. As the cars involved in the crash came into sight there it was, that same white SUV with the pictorial display on its back hatch that I was driving behind, now mangled along with several other cars. I looked up and said thank you to spirit.

Physical Signs of Spirits Present
There are physical signs of spirit everywhere. Did you ever get a rush of what I call the goose pumps when it was not cold? My mother always saw a rose when she knew spirit wanted her to do something. That was her personal sign.

No matter how spirit presents itself to you, know that they are here to assist us in our journey on this planet, with messages, physical assistance as well as assisting us in our continual learning and growth.

If you want answers, the first thing you need to do is ask. Ask a question in the morning and by day’s end spirit will present you with the answer, whether via a website, TV show, article, chance encounter with someone, etc. Who knows you may be reading this blog post because spirit drove you to this site based on a question you asked. 

LeeZa Donatella

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