What is True Love?

I was asked by a couple of readers if I could expand on the difference between the fantasy or the dream of love that I mentioned in my recent post named “What is True Love?” and romanticism.
Being a romantic, caring, playful goofball, I have a different view of life and could go on and on about romantic love. Being a Piscean, I think this is especially true since we tend to have romantic visions swimming in our heads at most times.

So yes, I believe in romance between two partners that continues for years into their relationship with kisses that last for hours, deep sighs when you look into your beloved eyes that breathes loves essence throughout your entire being, allowing you to literally tingle from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head, settling gently in your heart. You find an extra skip in your step and appreciate with fondness little things like notes on the mirror.  But just because you are romantic it does not mean that your feet are not planted on the ground.
Does this sound like an opportunity for an oxymoron to you? Well, it’s not and let me tell you why. The above is a romantic’s view of love. It is however not deluded with the fantasy of love.

The fantasy of love never has bad times, lost jobs, bad days and or “Honey, I am tired. ” The fantasy never has an accident, does not get sick, and has no farts, vomiting, or going to the bathroom and leaving the seat up. It never sweats, has to do laundry or chores, and the car never breaks down.
The romantic in love has all the above, but when their partner comes in from working in the yard in the summer, they find the sweat and stench of their armpits, somehow appealing. They look at holding the head of their partner when they are praying to the porcelain goddess as a loving act of kindness and not a chore, they chuckle when the other farts, cheer them up when they are having a bad day and laugh their ass off at themselves when they fall into the toilet at 3 am because the seat is up. When driving together on a deserted road and the car breaks down, they view it as an opportunity to explore or slow down in life instead of an inconvenience. They find anything they do with their partner to be play, even their taxes.

If after hearing this you want to reach out and slap me, then you need to find the romance darling. Let me leave you with this:
  •  If you have found that kind of love with someone, cherish the time you have together. Share romance with your beloved everyday and you will both live a more enriched life together
  • If you are still searching for that special someone, love yourself and know the difference between the dream/fantasy and romance. You will attract the love you seek

I smile as I recall a partner from a long time past where we shared romantic love such as described above.  So yeah, it can happen!
Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

Post Script
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