What is an Orb? Video

I recently received a phone call and was asked about orbs.  Apparently there were dozens of orbs floating near a young child and there was some concern. Should I be afraid of them, are they good and does size or color matter.  Click here to see You Tube Video

I can tell what I believe to be true about orbs in the hope it will help clear up some confusion. 
believe that an orb is intelligent energy in a form others than ours that can manifest aitself s a pinpoint of light or as a very large ball of light. Orbs in many colors have been witness, from clear to deep colors and translucent to opaque. Their shapre does not necessary have to be round, although those seem to be the most reported. 
I believe that there can be many origins for these orbs including but not limited to a being that at one time lived on Earth in a physical form. I also believe that the being may have never lived on Earth in a physical form, like as one example, since I believe in Angels as Loving energy, then an orb could be a representation of that Loving energy. I like to think that they are here checking on us and helping guide us in our experiences here on Earth.
I think that there are many possibilities all of which are good ones.  I have never gotten the sense that an orb has an energy contrasting to the positive.
I hope this helps those of you who have this question.  
Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
Post Script
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