How to raise your consciousness in 2013

I am often asked about the raising of one's consciousness. Here are a few first words on the topic that may serve you well.

With the shift to the new frequencies in late 2012, energies are shifting and vibrating at a"higher" frequency and we need to shift with them. Like most things in the universe there is the easy way and the hard way of doing things.  If you do not go with the flow, the universe will drag you forward kicking and screaming.  And yes I know this from experieince.
So, what can you do to raise your consciousness right now? A quick hit and great first start for raising your consciousness is to find a quiet place, close your eyes, breathe and be present.The idea here is to leave behind that which is not positive and aligns with your true self. Think of your true self as all that is positive. If an idea pops into your head know that it is your ego distracting you. Acknowledge the interference with something like “ ok, darling I hear you” or “ Not now, please”  and get back to the quiet. Even if at first you can only do this for five minutes without being distracted, that is fine. Ultimately, if would be great if you could do this for 20 minutes twice daily. Just starting with this exercise will help you start your shift in vibrational alignment to your true higher self and help with alignments to the new energies present in 2013.
For the long term in order to continue the shift and raise your consciousness and vibrational frequency, you may need to look within to determine what long term programmed beliefs, thoughts, and habits that you are holding onto that do not align to your true higher self, the divine within you. This sounds easy but is not since it makes us drop the masks we wear and look at ourselves which can be painful. Here is a very simplified way of looking at it. It is time to clean out your refrigerator and throw away all the items with past due dates.  The refrigerator is your divine self.  The divine self is pure love, joy, compassion and bliss.  If there are any other beliefs, thoughts, and habits you have about yourself or others that are not one of these items of the divine self,  like fear, worry, anger, resentment, etc. then they need to be identified, understood, owned, blessed and released. Releasing from the physical body can manifest in many ways including tears and other forms of expulsion, but I will save those details for the upcoming post about transformation.
Just know that as you release you make room for the divine self to enter your being.   
Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella

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