Experiencing the Divine Self

Words barely scratch the surface to describe the state of bliss, joy and love experienced when you fully connect to your Divine Self.

My posts are usually a little lighter, but I write today about a recent personal experience that may be a little weighty for some.  As I walk the path to increase my own vibration here in Sedona,  like most of us, I continue to process and release old beliefs, habits and thoughts that no longer serve me. By doing so I am able to lighten up and make room for my Higher Divine Self to enter.

I often catch glimpses of my Divine Self through moments of connection and the feeling is scrumptious and delectable.

I have recently perceived Bliss, Joy and Love lasting for hours on end.    Below is the series of events that transpired to open me to this indescribable experience.

Through the help of a fellow healer I was able to free a blockage and fully open the back of my heart chakra. It is thought that the back of the heart chakra is the place where we receive Love. Through a ton of processing and releasing, with all chakras now wide open I then focused my intentions and asked my Higher Divine Self to enter my physical being. . I chuckle as the words "be careful what you ask for" come to mind.

I was open, baby and receptive to its presence. Shortly thereafter I was at an event, standing next to a table, when a unnamed friend full of grace and love came over to greet me. They gently touched the upper middle of my back, right over my now fully opened Heart Chakra and with this innocent gesture something happened that I had never felt before. Unlike the Kundalini experiences I have had in past, this flood of extreme bliss, joy and love poured evenly and simultaneously into all my chakras, like a flash flood that soon saturated and bathed every cell in my being from my head to my feet.  I could feel each atom in each cell move along with the pulsating flow of blood coursing through my veins. I held my breathe for a moment as I stood there and white-knuckled the tables edge, my grip so strong that I thought a piece of the table might break off in my hand. Barely cognizant, I looked around to see if my feeble attempt at some semblance of composure did not give away what was actually happening. The half a minute or so that it took me to regain some composure seemed like an eternity. And the incredible feeling, well, that stayed with me for several hours.

As I walked around enveloped in this astounding feeling, the people I encountered sensing my bliss smiled from its song. I sigh as I tell you that it is one thing to read or study something, but very different to experience its full intensity.

The next day after breakfast I meditated and found myself pining for that feeling I had experienced just the day before. What exactly was that? Although the unnamed friend who helped activate the experience may know, I was embarrassed to ask.  As most of us are, I am still processing and releasing beliefs about putting myself out there and sharing my most intimate details, although this blog I share with all of you has helped me shed some inhibitions and makes it much easier to free myself from the chains that bind. Perhaps I will, in short order, courageously confess to the unnamed facilitator that they were the catalyst for this amazing experience.

So how do I get this feeling back? It is like candy; you love the taste, so sweet and delicious and when the sugar rush goes away, you just want more. The difference is that this feeling does not cause a cavity, diabetes or like a drug has no ill effects, but it is just if not more addictive.

Questions like. "Do I need to continually be activated by someone else?"; "Can I turn it on again by myself?"  danced in my head while I spent a couple of days researching for  answers.   I found something that I could wrap my head around. I believe that the word is called Śaktipāta and it's the activation of one's Higher Divine Self facilitated by another. Ah, it has a name and it was me knowing more of my true self.

Would it be hard to get to this state again? The answer for me was no, for once I realized that it was me, my Higher Divine Self that I was feeling, just  being still and taking a moment to recall the feeling brings it back to me at full force, bathing me in bliss. Way Cool! I can achieve this state anytime I want!

I compare it to the first learned to ride a bicycle,  I had someone there who was more experienced to help me get going. Once I gained my balance I could pretty much ride the bicycle on my own.  The only difference here was that there were no training wheels and the unnamed facilitator of this activation was not aware that it was going to happen, nor did I have any idea that I would be riding a bike that day.  

I believe that this activation occurred because I had all my chakras wide open and set the intention to bring my Higher Divine Self more into my physical body.  And experiencing this Bliss, Joy and Love of your Higher Divine Self is better than any Earthy experience.  So yes, it is better than sex or chocolate. And for those who know me, it would have to be really, really incredible for me to say that!

I have certainly had many less than pleasurable human experiences I call "opportunities for positive growth" that I would not wish upon any other, but this stupendously marvelous experience without question makes up for all of the crappy ones combined!

I send gratitude to the unnamed facilitator and the hope to all of you who have not already done so, that you experience this same type of bliss in this lifetime.

Have a day filled with love and deliciousness,
LeeZa Donatella
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